Back in 2005 when we first started to envision what the Earth Flag (now Authentic Earth Flag) online presence was going to evolve into, we envisioned that it would have a blog, a place to write about what our organization thought about the State of the Earth and to address this with our membership and the public.

So this blog is going to get into just about everything about the Earth and there will be just about zero, zip, zilch and nada that we don’t get into.  So that means that sometimes we will get into stuff that some people don’t like or that makes them squirm or look away, but in all reality, if you are really interested in the State of the Earth, then you will not look away and you will be forewarned and get informed and then get involved through signing up for a free account, creating a profile and then commenting on what is written.

Some of you will want to be authors.  For that you will have to contact us and request that you be allowed to do so.  Spammers suck and so we just don’t have the time for such things.  We would rather deal with someone who really wants to write for us and shows it by sending an email for goodness sake and waiting a bit for an account to be created.  So if you are interested in being an author, click here and let us know.

We look forward to this journey.  Thanks for your interest.  Earth Awareness starts with you taking time to really get to know her.  You do that by reading this blog and subscribing to our feeds.  She is really great to get to know.  We hope you do.  Then we hope you share what you know.  First, through comments and then, when you have developed an appetite, as an authorized author on the platform.

Here’s to meeting you inside…