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FEATURE: Earth Aware Activist – Survival International

We are Survival, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights.

We’re the only organization that champions tribal peoples around the world. We help them defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures.

Tribal peoples have developed ways of life that are largely self-sufficient and extraordinarily diverse. Many of the world’s staple crops and drugs used in Western medicine originate with them, and have saved millions of lives. Even so, tribal peoples are portrayed as backward and primitive simply because their communal ways are different. Industrialized societies subject them to genocidal violence, slavery and racism so they can steal their lands, resources and labor in the name of ‘progress’ and ‘civilization’.

Our work is preventing the annihilation of tribal peoples. We give them a platform to speak to the world. We investigate atrocities and present evidence to the United Nations and other international forums. We support legal representation. We fund medical and self-help projects. We educate, research, campaign, lobby and protest. And we won’t give up until we all have a world where tribal peoples are respected and their human rights protected.

“We depend on you. We need your money, energy and enthusiasm to help us fight one of the most urgent and horrific humanitarian crises of our time.”

Our Salute:

Thank you Survival International. Authentic Earth Flag salutes you as a prime example of an Earth Trustee Organization supporting the Earth Trustee Agenda.

To our many thousands of visitors we say please visit this wonderful website and join this wonderful storied organization that is helping to preserve the rights and history of Earth’s indigenous peoples. The future of civilization cannot be built on a void where our history used to be. We must have context to ensure the survival of a rich and robust culture that preserves our many origins and traditions.

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