A Month for Earth

This past month in April of 2015 David Sederberg and his group in Washington state planned and executed an amazing production that exemplifies everything Earth Trustees stand for and is by and far the best example I have seen for what John envisioned for Earth Day proceedings and events that I have witnessed in my almost 15 years at Authentic Earth Flag representing John’s vision and spreading Earth Awareness through the anointing of new Trustees.

You can learn much more at their website where they have full coverage of all the events along with images.

For the purposes of the Earth Awareness Initiative, we wanted to point out the level of participation of the legislators of the state of Washington and all the hard work that Dave put into getting these proclamations in place.  Not only did Dave get the Mayor of one town to issue an official proclamation, but he got the Governor to raise the Authentic Earth Flag at the Capitol grounds.  Additionally they literally “painted the town” in Authentic Earth Flags for all to see!

Some exciting things to consider for next year’s work to expand on this success are the following:

A much larger flag raised on the Capitol grounds.  We are planning on a 8 foot by 10 foot flag!

The inclusion of two more municipalities.  Lacey and Tumwater are the expected inclusions.  This will most likely spread between now and then and with the work of our workers at Earth Flag Foundation we can make this happen.

The work on unification of the “Two Earth Days” dilemma with Earth Month starting on March 20/21 and going through April 22nd.  This will bring in the most possible coverage of all the individuals around the world in one single enormous celebration and action for the planet.  It is estimated that if this could be accomplished nearly half of the population of Earth could be involved in this massive celebratory event!

The possibility of almost 200 Authentic Earth Flags flying for all to see along the procession of the species in three municipalities!

Below are some images from the proceedings!  After you have reviewed them please be sure to visit Dave and his group in Washington for ideas on how to start this in your community.  Of course you can always contact us here at the Foundation as well and we will direct you to Dave!

Groundhog 2.0

Earth Flag Wave Earth Flag Wet Science Center
Peacock Capitol 2016 Reeves Earth Team Woodpecker flag 2016 70s Apps 4.0 2016 Earth Month Olympia Proclamation 2016 Olympia City Hall Proclamation Earth Flag at Capitol Earth Flag Capitol Theatre Earth Flag Gov Hotel Earth Flag Octopus Earth Flag Olympia City Hall Earth Flag Peacock Earth Flag State Theater Earth Flag Washington Center

Peace, Justice and Care of Earth,

Benjamin Alexander De Mers
President Earth Flag Foundation
Curator Blue Marble Blog

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